The picture above is me at work. That expression is on my face about 80% of the time.

I’d like to start by introducing myself (as one does). I am a recent college grad and I’m looking into getting into the Education Business. I’m currently working at my alma mater and I’m applying to graduate school. Down the road I’d like to be a professor of Communication (hopefully at a small liberal arts school similar to the one I attended). To be completely honest, I’m really just here to learn more. This topic is really interesting to me and I think participating in this discussion now could be beneficial to me down the road. I will complete these blog posts but please don’t expect to be blown away by anything I say or expect that I will know what I’m talking about. Additionally, I just created a new (and much needed) twitter account. I’m a multifaceted gal so I guess I just need multiple twitter accounts to account for all of it. If you like live tweeting the bachelor and self-deprecating humor please feel free to follow my personal, more developed account. It’s super easy to find as there aren’t a ton of Ray Celestes out there. That being said, if you don’t like Real Housewives or the Golden Girls, feel free to stick to the @RayCelesteHere “professional” account. I look forward to learning more and (hopefully) contributing to the conversation!